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Presenting The Authentic Taste Of Thailand

Thai Food, Drink & Dessert has been known worldwide and is endemic in Indonesia and will continue to grow as the menu and variations continue to be developed by CHAPAYOM.

If you and want to gain the freedom and experience of running your own business, CHAPAYOM is the right walaba for you.

Our outlet development is very fast. From the time Chapayom was founded in December 2016, our Outlet has grown to over 25 outlets spread across Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Tangerang and following other cities.

With our unique and original method of making Thai Food Drink & Dessert, we have paved the way to be a leader in bringing authentic Thai Tea authentically in Indonesia.

If you are interested to share your passion and become a big family of Chapayom then click (registration form) below to see how we can help you become a part of CHAPAYOM adventure in Indonesia!


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Presenting The Authentic Taste Of Thailand

Step 1 Download Form

Download form biodata dan email ke

Step 2 Schedule

Kami akan menghubungi Anda untuk schedule wawancara bersama General Manager dan Direktur.

Step 3 Interview

Selama wawancara, kami akan memberikan Panduan Perencanaan Keuangan dan template Rencana Bisnis
disertai dengan pengalaman menyaksikan team operasional kami bekerja dilapangan sehingga anda
mendapatkan gambaran nyata saat anda menjalankan bisnis Chapayom milik anda.

Step 4 Perjanjian

Setelah tahap 1-3 terlewati maka selanjutnya adalah pelunasan biaya franchise, deposit dan penandatanganan perjanjian.